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Are you struggling with visualizing different layouts for your home? Do you wonder what is possible for your home?


We'll do a deep-dive into your life, your home, your needs/wants, likes/dislikes, budget, and functionality, and create 3D models of 2 layout options for you. 

Seeing is believing! 

  • Feasibility studies helps you decide your next steps

  • Space planning gives you the peace of mind that you can fit that island into your kitchen

  • Take the concept to the next step with us (starting the design process for permits, selections, and construction)

  • Or, use the concept to start getting rough pricing from Builders/General Contractors 

This is perfect for when you need to see what is possible before going all in with permit drawings, selections, tendering, construction.


Dip your feet in without any drywall dust.


Any floor of your home can be redesigned. The conceptual redesign is $5000 (plus GST) for one floor level with 2 layout options. 

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