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We help your small medical or wellness clinic look its best through patient-focused interior design solutions that will promote the care you already give them.

  • Feasibility studies (wondering if that new space is going to work for your needs? We’ll tell you)

  • Space planning

  • Building Code analysis and compliance

  • Full selections of finishes, fixtures, and hardware

  • Contract Documents (those drawings you need for permits and construction so that it gets built right)

We also design offices, multi-family, and retail spaces. 


We work closely with you, stakeholders, and your team to make sure we understand your business, how you work, who your clients/visitors/patients are, and what their needs are. Your space should reflect your brand, values, mission, goals, and promote health. 

Health is extremely important in every type of space but especially with clinics, obviously. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets forgotten or pushed down on the priority list. We won't let that happen. 

We care about your success and will design with the health of your team, clients, and patients in mind, along with sustainable, eco-friendly choices for our world and for a safe indoor environment.

How we start:

Give us a call or send us a note to book a time to discuss your project. We'll make sure we are a good fit and will schedule a free in person meeting with you to do a deeper dive into your needs. Based on our discussions, we will put together a proposal for our interior design services. 


Coach Hill Chiropractic & Sports Therapy (now called, Encompass Sports Therapy) 
Swodeam Institute
Elite Sports Therapy
Active Living
Bruce Birklein Law
Stream Data
Net Energy
Minto Group
Marlborough Group
Pips Board Game Cafe
Simco Management

Please note: We are following the current AHS guidelines and will be wearing a mask during all on-site meetings. If you have any Covid-like symptoms, please inform us and we will reschedule. Thank you.

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